Blue Axys Direct Drive


Product Description

The Axys Direct Drive is the most advanced, functional and reliable direct drive you can get.  Lightweight, versatile and powerful.

*-The ability to use any needle/tube or grip currently available
*-Additional Quick change motor modules available for making cam changes a snap
*-A powerful Swiss motor starts and drives cartridges all the way down to 4 volts and 50 cycles per second without stalling
*-Comes with 3.2mm, 3.7mm and 4.3mm cams
*-Simple construction
*-Main body can be autoclaved
*-Constructed of anodized Aircraft Aluminum
*-Comes with 25ct pack of black #8 rubber bands and a plunger bar for Screw On style cartridge grips
*-1 year warranty against defects and premature failure due to normal operation.